“Worst In Class” to “Best In Class” in 3 Years

“Worst In Class” to “Best In Class” in 3 Years


A large, South American automotive supplier was experiencing so many quality problems that it had been placed on the “to be de-sourced” list by its largest OEM customer. The supplier was told to contact eMRI consultants to help them make major improvements to their quality or they would be removed from the list of approved suppliers.

Reduce the number of defects being shipped to the automotive OEM significantly enough and quickly enough to be removed from the list of suppliers being considered for removal from the approved supplier’s list.


eMRI consultants started with a clean sheet of paper and revised the corporation’s entire approach to quality and productivity improvement. A five-year plan was put into place and a data-driven quality system was rapidly implemented. Personnel were trained in how to use the new system to drive continuous improvement. eMRI consultants worked with the client to drive improvement for over 12 months.

Quality performance improved so dramatically that within three years, the supplier was listed as “best in class.”