About eMRI

The eMRI Vision

eMRI is steadfastly dedicated to empowering clients through continuous improvement strategies. By providing customized, effective, client-centric solutions that will improve operations, increase performance and elevate productivity, the profitability and value of our clients will be greatly enhanced. Our goal is to assist our clients in promoting the business excellence they wish to achieve.


As we look toward the future, our objective is to evolve eMRI as a company and strengthen our value, while upholding our brand as the trustworthy experts in quality, productivity, and continuous improvement strategies.

Our Story

Over the past 30 years, eMRI has trained more than 50,000 people from 400+ companies in over 30 different countries around the world. The story of eMRI begins in 1984 as an entrepreneurial endeavor in a Saline, Michigan home.


eMRI, which, at the time was known as MRI, began as a contractor to a major Michigan university that had a Center for Quality within their Continuing Education Department. Over time, the university asked MRI to develop a team of instructors and, over a period of years, the university sourced all continuous improvement work to MRI.


In 1999, MRI was acquired by a large company, along with several other firms in the training and consulting arena. After 4 years of operating and generating profits, changes within the company were announced, and all training and consulting units, including MRI, were to be discontinued.


Keith Gardner, one of the lead trainers and consultants of the MRI business unit, purchased MRI from the company and eMRI was officially formed in 2003. Under Keith’s leadership, eMRI experienced steady growth. Today, eMRI continues to be one of the leading training and consulting firms of continuous improvement initiatives in the United States.

Continuous Improvement eMRI

Partner with eMRI today to institute the continuous improvement initiatives that will enhance your organization’s profitability and tangible value.

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