Division-Wide Improvement Receives National Award

Division-Wide Improvement Receives National Award

A division of a 100+ billion dollar overseas conglomerate required division-wide quality improvement to remain competitive in a global marketplace. Current levels of quality were inhibiting the company’s sales in several large overseas markets.

Improve product quality to enable increased sales of the company’s products worldwide.

eMRI consultants set up a three-year program centered on statistical methods and variation reduction. First, eMRI worked with the client to select, train and manage a group of high potential employees to lead the hands-on application of the variation reduction effort. Second, eMRI trainers and consultants traveled overseas during the entire three-year period to provide specialized training and consulting for the improvement effort.

Implementation was so successful that, at the conclusion of the project, the division won their country’s national quality award (analogous to the Malcolm Baldrige award in the U.S.).